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do you need to avoid huggers at work?

are you a hugger or a hand shaker – or neither? while a piece colleague returns from vacation or maternity leave, do you move in for the double bear-hug, or a pleasant hello from throughout the table?

for those people who decide on a non-bodily greeting, the direction of office etiquette can be moving towards you.
there may be evidence that offices are seeing a upward thrust in hugging lifestyle. in a survey ultimate year extra than 1/2 of advertising and advertising executives stated hugging changed into common, up from a third in the survey in 2011.

professionals say it can have plenty to do with greater secure place of work environments.
but there is a downside. a separate look at last 12 months on sexual harassment inside the us speedy food enterprise determined that extra than 1 / 4 of employees felt they had been hugged inappropriately.

deborah wallsmith, an assistant professor of anthropology at kennesaw state university, georgia, says that the gradations of hug soreness depend on nuances, relationships, and private possibilities.
“the least offensive is the only armed aspect-by way of-aspect hug, wherein the huggers are standing next to every different, and amplify their adjacent hands around each other’s waist.
“the most objectionable is the total-frontal squeeze that goes on for all time.”
she provides that she “feels uncomfortable getting hugged by using former professors and former bosses”. kara deringer, a enterprise train from alberta, canada, explains that context is all-important. yet many human beings get it wrong.

she has the same opinion that hugging can be very beneficial. “it creates connections.” however however, she says: “be careful. i’ve visible plenty of misunderstandings.
“i currently paintings in a crew, and we’re huggers. but there are those who will courageously say ‘i’m no longer a hugger’.”

ms deringer recommends either asking human beings for a hug, or paying very close attention to body language. “if they attain out their hand? i have got it, they may be hand shaker or a high fiver.”
and pay attention another minefield – the sociological layers of strength, subculture, and gender. all will have their personal “guidelines” for physical contact, says ms deringer. “it’s also approximately social intelligence – i might not hug someone i just met.”
tracey smolinski is likewise in a work way of life wherein hugging is acceptable.

the leader govt of cardiff-based totally introbiz, which hosts commercial enterprise networking events, says: “we’re quite a pleasant crew, and commonly provide a kiss at the face, each cheeks, when we’re acquainted with them.

“however if you do not know them, exceptional now not to kiss or hug, because you do not know how they may take it. you need to be careful.”
some of this may sound like common-sense. but what if hugging is wellknown exercise for your office, however you certainly don’t want to indulge? are you the office grinch?